Coach: Iga Mościchowska


She's been involved in interaction design and usability studies since 2007. She teaches students in the matter of UX on three Polish prominent universities. She speaks at numerous UX conferences (WUD, Polish IA Summit, Internet Beta). She has trained numerous companies like, IBM, Nowa Era, Millennium Bank, Red Sky, Unit4Teta.



Interaction designer, usability researcher, trainer, sociologist. She's a local director of User Experience Design postgraduate studies at the SWPS university. She speaks at UX conferences (Polish IA Summit, Symposium Webusability, UX 3miasto). She has trained companies like KGHM, Avon, BRE Bank, Tax Care, RST,




user experience design methodology
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  • Are you wondering how to implement the user-centred methodology in your organization?
  • Do you see an opportunity in developing UX skills?
  • Not sure how to take good care of the design in the whole product process?
  • Do you want to create products just as the best start-ups, software companies and agencies do?
  • You wish you knew how much time and materials it takes?


  • In the jungle of terms: UX, usability, UCD, IxD, AI
  • Model of UX design process
  • Interaction designer's role in the process
  • Workshops with the client for collecting the demands
  • Co-creation - how to benefit from the users' experiences
  • AOF method in the development of the product strategy
  • How to discover the needs and goals?
  • Hot to discover users' needs?
  • How to satisfy both business' and users' goals?
  • How to plan the functionalities?
  • Information architecture modelling
  • Why bother with designing wireframes?
  • The role of usability in designing the graphics
  • Why usability should be tested by users?
  • Usability tests on prototypes and implemented solutions
  • How much does it cost - budgets and schedules
  • How to count ROI of designing user experience?
  • Workshops - designing from concept to wireframes
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  • The coach - great! She's infecting with UX!
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rules, heuristics and good practices
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  • Your app's ergonomics - is it something you care about?
  • Are you wondering how to increase the form conversion?
  • Making the application interface simpler - is that your goal?
  • Wondering how to create user-friendly messages?
  • Do you want to learn the basic rules of usability?
  • Need some scientific basis for your solutions?


  • Introduction to usability
  • Usability heuristics with examples
  • Interaction design rules with good practices
  • Hick's law, Fitts' law, banner blindness, afordances
  • Myths of usability
  • Icons' role in the interfaces
  • How to create user-friendly content in the internet?
  • Writing messages comprehendable to the users
  • Usability of forms
  • Four techniques of simplifying the interactive solutions
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  • Communicative. Huge amount of content nicely interspersed with case studies.
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  • Are you about to conduct some user tests?
  • Do you care about improving your practical skills related to the UX research??
  • Wondering how to recruit the participants properly?
  • Do you want to avoid mistakes while conducting research?
  • Are you looking for the cues and checklists simplifying your studies?


  • User research classification depending on the stage of the design process: needs research, interfaces evaluation, optimization
  • Overview of the research methods and choosing research problems (clicktracking, eyetracking, 5 seconds test, questionnaires, card sorting, IDI, FGI, A/B tests)
  • Examples of different research tools - case studies
  • How to schedule the research in the product lifecycle?
  • How to recruit participants?
  • How to develop research scenarios and create tasks?
  • Moderator's and observer's know-how - how to avoid common mistakes?
  • Cluster analysis - how to analyze the results?
  • Usable research reports and sample results.
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  • Do you want your team to design user-cantered products?
  • You don't know how to combine agile with usability?
  • Are you wondering how to combine the role of UX specialist, business analytic, product owner, graphic designer and developer?
  • Are you thinking of developing the UX culture at work, yet you don't know how to have your team on board?
  • Do you want your whole team engaged in designing positive experiences?


  • A model of UX design process
  • The interaction designer's role in the product design process
  • UX role in agile software development
  • Lean UX - agile design methods
  • UX team work - why it's worth the hassle?
  • Implementing teamwork in organization: sketchboard, design studio, paper prototyping
  • Building the UX culture in a team
  • How to work with a difficult client or boss?
  • Co-operation with business analytic, graphic designer, developer and PO
  • Development of the UX team core competences
  • What comptences should UX designers have?
  • Teamwork and working in pairs
  • Chosen teamwork methods