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I have worked closely with WitFlow for the past six months. I found them to be extremely professional while at the same time taking the customer's needs into consideration. The whole experience of working with WitFlow has been a pleasure and I am looking forward to working with them again in the near future.

Nour Haj HasanYoke messenger

Yoke messenger is an international messenger working on three different mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Blackberry. Close and fruitful collaboration with the client from Jordan once again verified our skills in managing remote projects. Our team co-created the product strategy and was responsible for the UX of the project, as well as some of the marketing actions.


The crucial competitive edge of the product was its intuitiveness, visual attrativeness and a friendly brand hero - a yellow alien. During almost two years, we deeply cared for each and every element of users' experience, paying special attention to intuitiveness, effectiveness and positive emotions. Yoke was extremely popular in the Middle East countries - it got top places in AppStore rankings. Furthermore, it was the finalist in the Mobile Show Competition, in the category of the best Android application. The application was created in collaboration with Nomtek, a mobile software company.


  • user experience strategy
  • interface functional design project for 3 mobile platforms
  • corporate identity and visual design of the app
  • brand hero, avatars and emoticons design
  • close collaboration with the implementation team and ad-hoc consultations
  • sales and marketing actions support 


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