user research of e-learning platforms

In 2014 WSiP came to us again for help in creating the strategy of their brand new learning application. We decided to gain deeper understanding of both students' and teachers' perspectives. Triangulation of the research methods enabled us to see the whole picture of the user needs and habits. Patterns of learning emerged in the diary studies conducted with the students' from the whole country. During FGIs in Wroclaw and Torun, using projective methods we managed to discover the needs, also those unconscious. The quantitative part of the research enabled us to verify the findings of the previous research.
We delivered the complete picture of the students' and teachers' needs and expectations towards learning materials. Such extensive research project made it possible to not only recommend the content of the e-platform, but also see the bigger picture and discover the context,that will be helpful in creating strategy and marketing actions. Possible barriers and dangers pointed out in the report will help our client to avoid obstacles in the future.


focus groups


As we considered WitFlow to be reliable and inquisitive in their research, we decided, once again, to choose them as our partner in the project. A pragmatic approach, unique research methods, precise results and recommendations - those are the characteristics of the company from Wrocław. The research results gave us a strong base for the creation of the business strategy. We're certain that it was not our last project.

Paweł Kalinowski Kierownik Działu Badań i Analiz Marketingowych, WSiP


  • diary studies - learning patterns of pupils at different stages of education
  • FGIs with teachers and students
  • online survey with teachers and students
  • strategy workshop with the client
  • UX strategy of the e-learning products development