Opera Software

user research

Opera Software Company set us a goal: acquire inspiration that would help in enhancing the browser and learn about the target group so they could tailor the product to the users' needs.

We recommended quantitative research and then - gaining more in-depth insights and observations in qualitative research. Quantitative data was a base for creating the personas and empathy maps during the workshop with the client. It also helped us in creating a scenario of the ethnographic research. Individual interviews at the users' places let us gain a better understanding of the users' habits and context of the browser usage.

Our client gained hands-on recommendations concerning the product and a bigger picture of their target group. The personas are still acting as a signpost for the development of the browser, further research projects and marketing communication.




  • questionnaire for the Opera users
  • quantitative data analysis of the survey
  • strategic workshop with the client - creating personas and empathy maps
  • contextual inquiries with the Opera users at their homes
  • research report with the recommended guidelines for the further development o the product

Opera asked WitFlow to conduct the users' needs research, creating personas during the workshop and ethnographic field research. The WitFlow team meets deadlines, knows the majority of new trends and techniques and had pragmatic approach when working on solutions. We're going to work with them in the foreseeable future projects related to the development of our world-widely used products.

Zhenis Beisekov Product Manager, Opera Software