eBay Classifieds

Gumtree.pl usability research

For eBay Classifieds we conducted a comprehensive, comparative usability tests of Gumtree.pl - their classified ads Polish website.

User tests were organized in two major cities and eBay team members were able to participate in the sessions thanks to simultaneous translation from Polish into English. The end product of this logistical challenge was a comprehensive, English-language final report with illustrations and design recommendations, accompanied by video highlights of key takeaways from the tests.

After implementing site changes based upon the findings of the original study, eBay Classifieds engaged us for a follow-up round of usability research, allowing us to test additional features and assess the impact of their interface modifications.


research stages


Zakres prac:

  • user tests
  • comparative usability tests


Iga and the Witflow team were incredible to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone interested in discovering real insights into the unique needs and preferences of Polish web users.

Lance Savitsky Head of Product, eBay Classifieds Emerging Markets