Grupa Pracuj

UX research mentoring

The workshop dedicated to Grupa Pracuj was aimed at inspiring the team of researchers, designers and product managers to broaden the spectrum of research techniques used in UX design, with particular emphasis on the Discovery stage. Additionally, the research department received mentoring sessions after the workshop. The training resulted in better cooperation of the entire team and more conscious planning of research in the product development cycle.




Training with Iga brings completely new quality on the market. The 2-day workshop was tailored to our needs. We have managed to identify our weaknesses and, more importantly, find solutions for them. Iga prepared a lot of engaging materials and workshop tools, many of them were designed especially for us. At present, we use most of the methods that Iga showed us. Very productive training!

Joanna Malinowska, Małgorzata SkoniecznaUX Researcher, Grupa Pracuj