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  • Are you about to conduct some user tests?
  • Do you care about improving your practical skills related to the UX research??
  • Wondering how to recruit the participants properly?
  • Do you want to avoid mistakes while conducting research?
  • Are you looking for the cues and checklists simplifying your studies?


  • User research classification depending on the stage of the design process: needs research, interfaces evaluation, optimization
  • Overview of the research methods and choosing research problems (clicktracking, eyetracking, 5 seconds test, questionnaires, card sorting, IDI, FGI, A/B tests)
  • Examples of different research tools - case studies
  • How to schedule the research in the product lifecycle?
  • How to recruit participants?
  • How to develop research scenarios and create tasks?
  • Moderator's and observer's know-how - how to avoid common mistakes?
  • Cluster analysis - how to analyze the results?
  • Usable research reports and sample results.

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  • OK! Great enthusiasm, knowledge and experience. Very nice way of leading the training.
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